Organise People?
Lead a Service?
Coordinate Planning?
Herd Cats?
Easy, isn’t it?

Could be a doddle with CLICpoint





Your own private simple-to-use interaction & collaboration platform with easy management, designed to make group interaction a doddle instead of a dodo. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

This is Ralph, he's a Dodo.
Sends lots of emails,
organises meetings for everything,
gradually flounders before becoming extinct.
Doesn’t use CLICpoint!

Don't be like Ralph

Genuinely Free

Yes, really, with no intentions of being otherwise. Of course there are paid options which we hope you’ll use but the primary platform, packed with all its tools costs you nada. No weird restrictions either.

Place-based Planning

So, you have to interact and collaborate, quickly... Why not create a CLICpoint and invite all parties to join? Unlimited members and no boundaries. Open discussion, central document storage, group communication – sorted.

Clinical Services

Still interacting by email? How quaint. Bet that inbox gets full and everybody says “I haven’t had that document” Create a CLICpoint for your service and get your whole team to join. Communication and interaction simplified.

Ad Hoc Groups

Running a project? Have an education group? Rationalising a protocol? So many reasons to collaborate and discuss, all made super simple by forming a CLICpoint.

Interaction Simplified

Each CLICpoint includes discussion tools, forum, project management tool, internal mail system, notice boards and more. Nothing you won’t use but tonnes you won’t want to do without ever again.

Learning Together

The platform is designed to massively reduce per person costs by allowing you to pool or centrally commission courses and e-learning. We’ll even give you some e-learning for free from time to time.

Member Profiles

Each member has a profile and full control over how much they share. It’s super-useful when collaborating across boundaries or even in big services.

Apps & Additions

Over time we’re developing the platform to include subscription apps to help simplify your work and improve your learning. More later but for now enjoy enhanced productivity and flow with our starting point!